Kafka input/output swapped?

I seem to getting my input and output swapped:

[ops-elk-1]$ sudo ./logstash-plugin install --version='3.0.2' logstash-input-kafka
Validating logstash-input-kafka-3.0.2
Installing logstash-input-kafka
Installation successful

[ops-elk-1]$ ls
00_clamav.conf   00_heartbeat.conf              50_env.conf
00_consul.conf   00_kafka_broker_input.conf     50_host_role.conf
00_datadog.conf  00_rabbitmq_broker_input.conf  99_elasticsearch_output.conf

ops-elk-1]$ grep kafka *
00_kafka_broker_input.conf:  kafka {
00_kafka_broker_input.conf:    zk_connect => "localhost:2181/kafka"

[ops-elk-1]$ cat 00_kafka_broker_input.conf
# This file is managed by ansible, don't make changes here - they will be overwritten.

input {
  kafka {
    zk_connect => "localhost:2181/kafka"
    topic_id => "logstash"
    group_id => "ops-elk-logstash"
    reset_beginning => "true"
    auto_offset_reset => "smallest"
    consumer_threads => 3
    codec => json

[ops-elk-1]$ sudo service logstash configtest
Unknown setting 'zk_connect' for kafka {:level=>:error}
Unknown setting 'topic_id' for kafka {:level=>:error}
Unknown setting 'reset_beginning' for kafka {:level=>:error}
The given configuration is invalid. Reason: Something is wrong with your configuration. {:level=>:fatal}

If I change 'input' to 'output' then the config passes.

I uninstalled all kafka plugins, then just installed input. Same problem. Could they have been pushed to the repository backward? Am I just seeing things backwards?

User error.

Seems the correct docs for 3.x of kafka plugins is master (https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/logstash/master/plugins-inputs-kafka.html).