Kafka-input plugin issue

I am trying to use kafka-input plugin with my elk image. I have created a docker iamge based on sebp/elk and add the following line in docker file to install kafka-input plugin.

RUN gosu logstash bin/logstash-plugin install logstash-input-kafka

My kafka input config file is
input {
kafka {
topic_id => "elk"
bootstrap_servers => "xxx.xx.xxx.xxx:9241,xxx.xx.xxx.xxx::9331,xxx.xx.xxx.xxx:9582"
type => "kafka-input"

After starting the container, I am getting following error:

"Unknown setting 'bootstrap_servers' for kafka", :level=>:error

Any suggestion or help ?

Have you consulted the documentation for your version of the plugin? You're not saying which version of Logstash so I'm going to assume 2.4, and there's no bootstrap_servers option available there.

I have installed plugin from this link
here and logstash version is 2.4

It would be great if you guide or suggest me to follow any document for installation of kafka input along with elk image?

I'm not very familiar with the kafka plugins. I suggest you start by studying the Logstash 2.4 documentation. Maybe you can just remove the bootstrap_servers option? Or maybe it has another name in 2.4? Or perhaps you can upgrade to 5.0?

Thanks for your reply. I will try to upgrade to 5.0 and will let you know.

How you config kafka input ,I am faced the same issue
and my logstash version is 5.3, when I start my logstash and nothing hapend, even if i set stdout to console,it does not show anything from kafka data

this may help you.