Kafka output config through Central Management is missing topic name

When adding a Kafka output config, I can add the hostname but not the Kafka topic name. The config is downloaded successfully by the beat but the logs show an error due to the missing topic config.


configok: false

  • type: metricbeat.modules
    • raw:
      module: system
      period: 10s
  • type: output
    • raw:
      - myserver:9092
      output: kafka

Metricbeat log:

2018-11-29T15:03:50.940-0700 WARN [cfgwarn] management/manager.go:100 BETA: Central management is enabled
2018-11-29T15:03:50.940-0700 INFO [centralmgmt] management/manager.go:101 Starting central management service
2018-11-29T15:03:50.940-0700 INFO [monitoring] log/log.go:117 Starting metrics logging every 30s
2018-11-29T15:03:51.934-0700 INFO [centralmgmt] management/manager.go:176 New configurations retrieved
2018-11-29T15:03:51.934-0700 INFO [centralmgmt] management/manager.go:213 Applying settings for metricbeat.modules
2018-11-29T15:03:51.942-0700 INFO [centralmgmt] management/manager.go:213 Applying settings for output
2018-11-29T15:03:51.943-0700 ERROR [centralmgmt] management/manager.go:234 missing required 'topic' or 'topics' in kafka
2018-11-29T15:03:51.943-0700 INFO management/manager.go:205 Failed to apply settings, reporting error on next fetch
2018-11-29T15:03:51.943-0700 INFO [centralmgmt] management/manager.go:149 Storing new state

Could you please format your configuration using </>?

You'll have to elaborate on that request. Format my configuration where? In the management.yml? Isn't that automatically generated by the Beat?

Should I just open an issue for this?

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