Kafka output plugin not sending messages

Logstash kafka output plugin says the output is flushed. But the message is not available in kafka topic. I am able to submit message to kafka using the same configuration built using java. Can someone help please.

What does the input configuration look like? Have you verified that Logstash is actually processing any events?

hi , Thanks for responding.

i am connecting to secured kafka through kerbros. i am able to successfully
run logstash kafka output plugin without any issues.

 while enabling debugging option in logstash i am getting log output

saying the pipeline has been flushed. But i am not receiving any message in
my kafka consumer.

no error in logstash, when ever i add a line in the log its going

through logstash file input and filter and then to logstash kafka output.
after which it says pipeline flushed.

 y am not getting the message in kafka consumer is the mystery

 But i was able to push message into kafka using a java producer

successfully using same kerbros.

senthil r

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