Kafka output support in Filebeat. Anyone using Filebeat with Kafka version >2.2.0

Hi, I'm looking into using Filebeat as an ingress into a pipeline which is based on Kafka. I'm currently using an on-prem Kafka cluster which has brokers running Kafka version 2.5.0 but I see that the highest version supported by Filebeat is 2.2.0. I just need a simple tool to stream log data into Kafka in JSON format.

Has anyone tried using Filebeat with Kafka version 2.5.x ?

We are only testing with 2.2 and planning to add 2.3 to our testing matrix. Do you mind opening an issue on Github and ask for support of 2.5? https://github.com/elastic/beats/issues/new

Hi, I did test it and it seems to work for my use-case which is to grab loglines from some files and publish them into a Kafka topic for later processing. I will open an issue if I crash into some walls with my setup.

No, please open an issue regardless if you see problems. We do not guarantee that Kafka 2.5 works with Beats until we add it to our testing infra. :slight_smile:

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