Kafka sink Connector to Elasticsearch

I am trying to set up ingestion pipeline to elasticsearch cluster via kafka sink connector. A question I have is if I have a doc that haas multiple json objects like this:

{"name":"abc", "company":"123","dept":"test"},
{"name":"def", "company":"456","dept":"dev"},
{"name":"ghi", "company":"654","dept":"qa"},
{"name":"jkl", "company":"567","dept":"test"},
{"name":"mno", "company":"786","dept":"qa"}

would kafka connector be able to parse each of the log line and ingest as a separate document or would it ingest the entirety of the array as one doc?

The example in this just talks about one doc. So curious if a file has multiple json objects. If possible, what tweaks need to be done?

Please help!

That can not be indexed into Elasticsearch as a single document so if the connector did not transform the data it would result in an error. I suspect you may need to reach out the Kafka community with questions about this.

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