Keep getting "field" paramter is now invalid, "field" is a required parameter

Hi we are using elastic cloud. Getting the messages as stated on the title on my dashboard. I tried refreshing index, and that seems to help, for a while, but then later the message appears again. What else can I do on my end?

Please Help.


Saved "field" parameter is now invalid. Please select a new field.
Visualize: "field" is a required parameter

TypeError: "field" is a required parameter
at FieldAggParamFactory.FieldAggParam.write (
at AggParams.forEach ()
at AggParamsFactory.AggParams.write (
at AggConfigFactory.AggConfig.write (
at AggConfigFactory.AggConfig.toDsl (
at Array.forEach ()
at AggConfigsFactory.AggConfigs.toDsl (

hi @pobrejuanito,

looking at your problem, this seems to be a known issue:

(although I might be wrong).

Can you look at these two comments:

and see if it matches your experience?

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