Keeping original creation date on updates

Hi all,

I'm running an ecommerce site with elasticsearch and want to add a "new
items this week" feature.
I need to add a creation date for every document, but I cannot make it work.

The situation is as follows:

  1. The products of the site are imported every day using a JSON datafeed
  2. The import of the next day will overwrite the old products/documents in

What I've tried:

  1. Enabled the _timestamp field. This added a timestamp field, but every
    day when the datafeeds are imported, it is overwritten. This is the case
    for client.prepareIndex() and client.prepareUpdate()
  2. Used the 'upsert' command to add a creation date. Since I do not know
    which product is updated/deleted or new in the feed I also have to use
    doc_as_upsert. The result is that the upsert command is not executed.
  3. I cannot add the creation date to the product myself, since everyday all
    the documents in the index will be overwritten when the datafeed is

My Question: Is it possible to have a creation date of a document persist
on updates?

I'm using Elasticsearch version 0.90.5


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