Keeping referance of a doc in another doc

I have a list of candidates which belong to a listId which are present in emailListItems document type.
we can add any of these candidates for reference check processing from the ui. when he is added I am creating another document in a type called referenceCheck with listId, and _id of emailListItems doc and other basic info like firstname, lastName, emailAddress duplicated in target document.

Now, when user goes to ReferenceCheck view , all documents from referenceCheck doc type are displayed. I want to bring along the associated emailListItems docs also, so that user can see any additional information of the candidate. How can i bring along docs of both document types in a single query?

Is this a good design from elasticsearch point of view? i mean keeping info belonging to same candidates in two different doc types... For some reasons, I cannot keep the referenceCheck info in emailListItems

How pagination can be achieved if there are thousands of candidates. Using size, from ?

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