Keeping source outside kibana-extra

Hi Team,

It is possible to keep the plugin development source code outside the kibana-extra?

We using a mono repository, We used to have all the projects within the repo for CI/CD. Am trying to keep the plugin development inside modo repo. The plugin development folder structure will be:


And kibana stays in


Am trying to link the KBN, plugin-helpers by using:


Am facing error on doing yarn start as well as yarn build saying:

I have done yarn kbn bootstrap which is successfully done but am facing problem with building and starting the plugin.

Can anyone guide me to solve this problem ?

Hi @pradeep_c8,

Unfortunately it's not supported setup and even though you may find some way around that with the current plugin system it definitely won't work with the new plugin system we're gradually rolling out at the moment.


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WOW! Thanks, for the reply :slight_smile:

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