Key/label for range aggregation split chart on metric in kibana v6.5.4

I want to create a count metric visualisation in kibana with a split chart based on the range aggregation and i want to change the key or label for each of my ranges. I've seen the doc about the key property of the range aggregation in elasticsearch but i don't seem to be able to find any integration of it in kibana. Is there a way to precise a key or label value to my ranges trough the JSON input or something else? Should i create a distinct metric for each range and use a query filter for my range and use the metric label instead of using a split chart with the range aggregation? There must be a more straight forward way to achieve this. Any insight is welcome!

There currently is not support for this in range aggregation, though there is for filter aggregation and you could use a date range there.

If you would like to suggest this feature, you can create a feature request here:

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