KeyAsString is null using aggregations

I'm using Elastic 6.0.0.
Using aggregations for the first time and I'm having some trouble with it.

My documents look something like this:

    "name" : "myname" (string),
    "result_count": 1234 (number) 

I'm getting results for multiple names each second.

What I want to achieve is to be able to decide for each name if the result count is low lately relative to the average.
So I wanted to have the average per minute per name, and compare it to the average for this name across the last say 24 hours.

I did the following:

        TermsAggregationBuilder termsAggregationBuilder = AggregationBuilders.terms("agg1").field("name.keyword").size(1000)
            .subAggregation(new DateHistogramAggregationBuilder("dateAgg")
            .subAggregation(new ExtendedStatsAggregationBuilder("stats").field("result-count"));

So since "name" is a string I can't use it for the aggregation so I'm using the "keyword" of it.
However when I get the response then I only see the keyword which is a bunch of hex values and the keyAsString is null,

I would like to understand how do I see the name itself i.e. the String that belongs to the same keyword?
And any comment on what I'm doing will be more than welcome.


I figured it out, I needed to cast to the SubClass to be able to get the key:

e.g. ((Terms)(aggregations.get("agg1"))).getBuckets().get(0).getKey();

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