Keyword type: aggregation case insensitive

(Giovanni Caputo) #1

I have a problem with keyword type:
can i aggregate a a file with a keyword type wihout losing the case and sorting case insensitive?

Using the normalizer and lowercase filter lose the the case.
using the text type must enable fielddata that can consume a lot of heap space, especially when loading high cardinality

Elasticsearch version: 5..2

Is case-insensitive sort on keyword aggregation possible ? (ES 6.4)
(Simon Willnauer) #2

not sure I understand, why do you use the normalizer if you don't want to do case folding?

(Giovanni Caputo) #3

Because i want sort term aggregation(case insensitive) with "order" : { "_term" : "asc" }

(Simon Willnauer) #4

oh sorry I misread your initial post. What you are trying to do is not possible today, sorry!

(Giovanni Caputo) #5

Can I open an issue on github repository?

(system) #6

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