Keyword typed field partially matching user query

I am using ES 7.9 version.
I have a category index with document like

doc_1 = { "value": "laptops" }
doc-2 = { "value": "air cooler" }

with following schema:

    "mappings": {
        "properties": {
            "value": {
                "type": "keyword"

I am recognising the category inside a user query by using match query on the value field of this index.
When I have a query: LG TV 55 inch with air play, it is matching with a category doc

{ "value": "air cooler" }

which should not happen as in schema if I have used keyword type, it should be treated as a single token and hence should not partially match with user-query.
I want that a document in category index only matches if that complete value is contained inside the user-query for example: a query like LG smart air cooler and not for LG TV 55 inch with air play.

I am new to ES and might be modelling the query completely wrong, however stuck on this for very long and any help in the right direction is appreciated. Thanks!

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