Kiabana completing setup blocked

Hello, I have a problem with kibana, when connecting elasticsearch on kibana, it remains blocked on "completing setup"

Here is the error in the log

Action failed with '[index_not_green_timeout] Timeout waiting for the status of the [.kibana_task_manager_8.5.0_001] index to become 'green' Refer to for information on how to resolve the issue.'. Retrying attempt 3 in 8 seconds.","log":{"level":"ERROR","logger":"savedobjects-service"},"process":{"pid":1738},"trace":{"id":"8043a9d019fa473a6711c2789eb7423e"},"transaction":{"id":"8aa73b8e69ce90df"}}
{"service":{"node":{"roles":["background_tasks","ui"]}},"ecs":{"version":"8.4.0"},"@timestamp":"2022-11-21T20:28:41.932+00:00","message":"[.kibana_task_manager] CREATE_NEW_TARGET -> CREATE_NEW_TARGET. took: 64020ms.","log":{"level":"INFO","logger":"savedobjects-service"},"process":{"pid":1738},"trace":{"id":"8043a9d019fa473a6711c2789eb7423e"},"transaction":{"id":"8aa73b8e69ce90df"}}

Here is my kibana config: ""
server.publicBaseUrl: "https://<domainename>"
server.ssl.enabled: true
server.ssl.certificate: /etc/kibana/certs/fullchain.pem
server.ssl.key: /etc/kibana/certs/privkey.pem

#elasticsearch.hosts: ["https://<domainename>:9200"]
#elasticsearch.username: "kibana_system"
#elasticsearch.password: "password"
elasticsearch.ssl.verificationMode: none

The configuration of my 2 elasticsearch nodes: underpass node-01 /var/lib/elasticsearch
path.logs: /var/log/elasticsearch
http.port: 9200

discovery.seed_hosts: ["domainename ", "domainename"] true true
  enabled: true
  key: /etc/elasticsearch/certs/nd /privkey.pem
  certificate: /etc/elasticsearch/certs/nd/fullchain.pem
  enabled: true
  verification_mode: certificate
  key: /etc/elasticsearch/certs/nd /privkey.pem
  certificate: /etc/elasticsearch/certs/nd /fullchain.pem

cluster.initial_master_nodes: ["node-01","node-02"]

I looked at this link Resolve migration failures | Kibana Guide [8.5] | Elastic and I don't know if the errors come from my cluster and in status: yellow

Hi alex. You say you've looked at the Resolve migration failures | Kibana Guide [8.5] | Elastic documentation, but you have not tried any of the mitigations in the documentation? Can you share more info?

Also, can you share relevant logs from Elasticsearch? I only see one log line from Kibana.

I found my stupid mistake I did not have the same version in the nodes

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