Kibaba Plugin - how to insert data into elasticsearch

let say I have a plugin with route:
      path: '/api/dashboard_real_time/create',
      validate: {
        body: schema.object({
          fullName: schema.string(),
          age: schema.number(),
          status: schema.number()
    async (context, request, response) => {
      // then i wanna insert some data into elasticsearch here
      return response.ok({
        body: {
          time: new Date().toISOString(),

I am confused to use the kibana elastic search service or data plugin or elasticsearchjs (which i have to config authentication manually).
Please give me some sample code. Thank alot!


Here is our official elasticsearch node JS client - GitHub - elastic/elasticsearch-js: Official Elasticsearch client library for Node.js

I suspect that is what you need to use. Let me know if the docs are not enough.


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