Kibana 3.1: Wildcard Lucene query not handling @ symbol

Kibana 3.1, Lucene query.

So I'm doing wildcard queries in the form of


Which will return documents with treebeard and treebark as values for entName.

I also have a field treeMail, which is set to be not analysed in ES. Wildcard queries don't seem to work though.

Only the first one returns any results.

in reality our field with the @ in the value isn't actually an email address and should just be processed as a string.

Any ideas as to why this isn't returning results as expected? I've had other issues in the past where wildcards didn't work as expected with special characters.

I tried the same use case in Kibana 4, and it works (see my test below). Since both Kibana 3 and Kibana 4 pass the query straight to Lucene, I'd expect them to work the same exact way.

Could you post your sample doc and your mapping here?

curl -XPOST 'http://localhost:9200/test1' -d '{
    "mappings" : {
        "test" : {
            "properties" : {
				"post_date" : { "type" : "date"},
                "message" : { "type" : "string", "index" : "not_analyzed" }

curl -XPUT 'http://localhost:9200/test1/test/1' -d '{
    "post_date" : "2015-11-15T14:12:12",
    "message" : ""