KIbana 5.1.2 not rendering correctly

Hi all,

I've just install Elasticsearch, Kibana and Logstash (all 5.1.2) on Ubuntu 16.04.

Kibana isn't rendering correctly and I'm not sure if its a path or permissions issue, nor where to start looking.

Here is a screenshot:

Any help would be appreciated. Was recently running the 2.x series without issue (5.x series was a fresh install, not an upgrade).



What kind of information does the browser development tools provide?

The only error I see is in the console as per below:

I might try a manual install as opposed to the deb repository and see if that works for now.

[EDIT: I did an install using the tar file and kibana is working fine. I'll backtrack an try a fresh install from the repository, keeping the config to an absolute minimum]

Thanks for your reply.

...replying to myself....

A fresh install from the Debian repository without loading the X-Pack has been successful. I suspect my original error came from a mis-configuration on my park in regards to an X-Pack module.

...for the archives..this is a known bug:

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