Kibana 5.1 possible to calculate time difference and place it in a field in kibana at runtime?

Hi there,

I know I can do many cool stuff in logstash, for example calculating time differences and store it in a field.
Now my question, is it possible to do such stuff in kibana in realtime too?

Say, I have following timestamps in my event

  • @timestamp
  • timestampStart
  • timestampEnd

Is it possible to calculate a "virtual" field "timeDiff" in kibana by calculating timestampEnd-timestampStart?
I don't need to search by these fields, but aggregating on them would help.

Other familiar topic is, to convert for example a field which contains a value in seconds to hours to have a better overview in dashboards.

Is that possible? How?

Thanks, Andreas

hi @asp

You would use a scripted field for that.

My response here - to a similar question - has some links to resources to help you get started Plot latency measure based on two time fields in an index

thanks for the fast response. I will take a deeper look

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