Kibana 5 broken after adding data to elasticsearch with winlogbeat - only timelion pane loads correctly

windows platform with all latest versions

initially I the kibana webpage it worked fine, after successfully loading index. I could verify that data was in
ES as i could use the developer pane to check. - looked ok in there. but no data found in the index
changed from logstash to winlogbeat-* got a "create" button in the index pane thought i was fine.

after this i can only load the timelion pane, everything else stays blank. Have tried complete reboot.

Ouch, that looks painful. Can you take a look in the developer tools and let me know if any errors are showing up in the console? Are you using a particular build (e.g. rc1 vs GA), or are you building from source?



I've used the GA versions if you mean the dev console via web interface in Kibana its empty is there a log some where that can be of use ?

I'm referring to the browser console, in your case Microsoft's F12 Developer Tools Console:

Can you start a fresh session by reloading the browser and then navigate to a blank screen (e.g. Discover) and then back to Timelion and, using the F12 Developer Tools, could you share a complete list of the network requests the browser has made?

There should be a server log in the terminal where you're running your Kibana process. Is there any useful-looking output there?

How about for your Elasticsearch server -- any useful log info there?

Also, could you paste a small sample of the data you have indexed?



I will get the data for us to look at :wink:

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