Kibana 5 - management reporting - where are stored the generated .pdf reports and how to "purge" these documents

Dear All, I played a lot with the reporting feature of kibana 5 it's very useful; but now I would like to purge these generated documents.

Under the kibana "management" and then "Reporting" I can see and download my reported documents but I'm not able to find any options to remove them ?

Is any one can help me with that?

The idea is to generate them for a couple of days or hours or to setup a purge rule (like the elasticsearch indices cleaning with curator for example). Thanks in advance for your help.


My bad I may find a lead to fix my issue, they are talking about the .reporting-* index in kibana documentation.
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Hi Gautier,

Yup, that's it! You just have to delete the document from the .reporting-* index. Thanks for posting your solution!


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