Kibana 6.1: Courier : searchSource segmented fetchSoon fetchNow

i want a clear understanding of all these things .

I am try to understand how kibana is fetching the logs from ES.

What is segmenting ? what is fetchsoon/fetchNow ? What is searchSource ?

How is courier architected ?

If some one can help


what are all these ?

@ rashidkpc @rashidkpc

Hi @vvvprabhakar,

The courier was designed to avoid sending too many requests to the server at the same time. Each browser has a maximum number of simultaneous connections allowed and Kibana would easily reach the limit causing requests to be queued in series.

The courier batches the requests together to solve this problem. Functions like below would be related to managing the queue:

fetchSoon: add the request to the queue
fetchNow: bypass the queue
getStartable: get a list of requests that can be sent
fetchQueued: get result from getStartable and submit in a single request

Hope this helps,

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