Kibana 6.4.1: Cannot sort by term data aggregated by term



I'm interested in two things with some logsthat should--but don't seem to--be straightforward:

  1. Filtering data by day-of-week (i.e., Monday, Tuesday,...,Sunday or even just numbers 1-7). I understand this is more of an Elasticsearch/Lucene issue and I'll not pursue that in this email.

  2. Histogram by day-of-week. Again, this is just mapping the timestamp/date back down to a day of the week. Reading around I discovered Kibana scripted fields in their Index Patterns area of the 'Management' tool. As I understand scripted fields, I can use them for aggregation but not for indexing (if I could, the first issue above would also be addressed readily).

Googling around I found this blog post that looked helpful:

I made myself a scripted field called "day_of_week_opened" that looks like this (painless):


The scripted field is just an integer valued from 1 to 7 inclusive. This works fine, as one can see from this screenshot:

The days Monday(1) to Sunday (7) are presented in the correct order.

Now, suppose instead I would like a more human-friendly label--say abbreviation of the name of the day of the week...I made a scripted field called dayofweek that looks like this (again, painless):

doc['open_time'].date.dayOfWeek + " (" + ["", "Mon", "Tue", "Wed", "Thu", "Fri", "Sat", "Sun"][doc['open_time'].date.dayOfWeek] + ")"

Following the logic of the aforementioned blog post I tried aggregating the data by Terms and chose my new scripted field dayofweek as the Term. Here's a screenshot...

You might immediatly say "Wait! You chose order by count! That's what you've done wrong" Well, yes and no. I only chose this ordering because order by Term did not appear as an option.

Any thoughts on what I've done wrong, or have I revealed an undocumented feature?

Further info: I'm using kibana 6.4.1 on Chrome.

Thanks for any help/advice you might offer on this issue...

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hi @SpaceMoose,

I'm surprised you don't see the option. You're right, it's a fairly common visualization.

Here is an example of a user doing a similar bar-chart:


Hi @thomasneirynk...thanks but the link you've pasted is the same one I consulted (and pasted in above) in the original post.

I'll check on Monday when I'm back in the office but I can't help but wonder whether this may be some kind of ELK version mismatch issue (I don't maintain the stack).

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