Kibana 6.6 - can't search in several values

I'm new to Kibana and trying to evaluate some data.
I noticed that via Discover I'm able to search e.g in the message field from my logs (and see results). But for some queries i want/need to search in my stack_trace field.
This one has type "text" and is marked as searchable and aggregatable (same settings as the message field) but Discover won't find any matches.

The stack_trace value exists:

i know that the value which is queried exists in 6 out of the 10 logs found before
it says there are no matches

I'm thankful for any hints and ideas :grinning:

Hi @munchkin,

the search is looking good, could you provide a sample object to see how the contents of "stack_trace" look like and the mapping of your index? Also, are the "query features" in the options of the search bar turned on in your instance?

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