Kibana 6.7.2 User & Space Management

Hi All,

I am looking for some help in setting up few user accounts in kibana 6.7.2. I have explained my requirement below.

There are 3 spaces A, B, C & 2 users x, y.

  1. How can we assign kibana dashboard only user role to user x for the space A.
    User X should not be able to view other spaces B & C.

  2. There are few pre-existing visualizations & dashboards in space A. user x is having read-only access to these object.
    But user x should be able to create new visualizations & dashboards. However he should not be able to edit/delete any of the pre-existing objects which are not created by him.
    What should be the role assignment for user x for this case?

Basically, on a space, user x should have update access only to the objects created by him, but can't alter the visualizations created by any other user.


You can do part of this using a combination of roles/ and spaces.

If you create a role - give it space a privileges only - user won't be able to see saved objects in space b & c.

Unfortunately you won't be able to do this. If user x can create new vizs and dashboards on the same index pattern - then she will definitely have access to the data to be able to read saved objects created on it. This will work only if the user x won't have field privileges on the existing saved objects.

Hope this helps. This is our documentation about it.


Thanks Bhavya. Your reply helped.

Hi, I have a similar scenario as described by biji_padhy.
I have ELK version 6.7.2 installed and am looking for ways to implement role management in it. As shown in the picture above, 'Management / Users / Create', I can't see the Users options in my version. Is that a plugin installed separately or am I missing something here?

Side note : ** I am new to ELK and Kibana.


So you need to enable security plugin. Please follow this documentation:


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