Kibana 6 timeout below 2 minutes (every settings > 10 minutes) with Gateway Timeout


Hello there,

I use a Kibana 6.0.0 to request a very loaded Elasticsearch 6.0.0 to do insane dashboards. So the response time can go beyond 2 minutes. I agree to wait but Kibana seems to be less patient than me.

After few minutes (always less than 3), the Kibana returns this (in a top red banner):

Error: Gateway Timeout

All the timeout settings I can think of (Kibana, ES, reverse proxies, etc) are beyond ten minutes.

We have two reverse proxies (26 minutes):

proxy_connect_timeout       1600;
proxy_send_timeout          1600;
proxy_read_timeout          1600;
send_timeout                1600;

and (166 minutes)

proxy_connect_timeout 9999;
proxy_send_timeout    9999;
proxy_read_timeout    9999;
send_timeout          9999;

Kibana (request for ES: 20 minutes):

elasticsearch.requestTimeout: 1200000

Elasticsearch (10 minutes):

  "persistent" : {
    "search" : {
      "default_search_timeout" : "10m"
  "transient" : { }

The problem was similar to this one, solved by this pull request. However all of this happened in Kibana 4. I still think it's a node.js configuration issue, and this issue, still open in 5.6.0, seems to agree.

Can someone help?



PROBLEM SOLVED: there was a reverse-proxy between kibana (browser) and kibana (node.js).

(Nathan Reese) #2

It looks like this is still an open issue. Please comment on the issue and use the issue to track status


Ok, I did that. However this issue is old and, according to github tracking, no one is assigned to it. While would it change now?

(system) #4

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