Kibana 7.14 - Canvas var_set no longer accepts input context

In 7.14 the var_set function in- Canvas no longer accepts the input context as the value. One needs to explicitly set the value now.

Trying to run this expression:
date | var_set "mydate" | var "mydate" | render as="debug"
gives the error message:
[var_set] > args.value is undefined

To get this to work the value needs to be explicitly set i.e.
date | var_set "mydate" value={context} | var "mydate" | render as="debug"

Hey Mark, apologies for the delay in responding. It does look like that is a bug introduced by some recent updates to the var_set function. I've let the team know and they're looking into a fix.

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i've opened an issue to track this here:

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