Kibana 7.16 External Plugin creation

I'm trying to create an external plugin using Kibana 7.16. I've done this with 7.5 and 7.10. I'm hoping I can move our plugins over to 7.16. I ran the kibana generate_plugin script and created a plugin with a UI component. When I start Kibana, I can see the plugin listed at the bottom of the menu under the Management section. How can I select this plugin as a visualization like I can in the other version of Kibana? In Kibana 7.16, when I click on the Visualize Library link and then click the Create new visualization button, I do not see my newly created plugin as an option. I've added the following line to my kibana.json file, which is what I'm using in Kibana 7.10:
"requiredPlugins": ["visualizations","visDefaultEditor","data","kibanaReact"],
But this doesn't seem to allow my plugin to show up as a visualization option.

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