Kibana 7.16 sorts split slices in alphabetical order and not according to filter sequence


I have some dashboards that were created in Kibana 7.10 that use a count aggregation with filters as split slices within a bucket. The split slices each have a label with a description. WIthin version 7.10, this would give me the below graph. The order of the slices is based on the order of the filters.

However, in Kibana 7.16, the same visualisation is ordered alphabetically, based on the label content and not the order of the filters. This is the result:

I can fix this for now by enabling the visualization:visualize:legacyPieChartsLibrary setting but I would like to find a more permanent solution to order the slices of my graph. Are there any options to configure the order of the slices? Maybe via the JSON input field.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you for reporting. I have logged a github issue to discuss and address this problem.

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