Kibana 7.5 Data Table percentage using Json input

I have problem, i have data and i want make kibana data Table like this, but i want create percentage beside each Col. like percentage DLV H-1, can i make it with Json input?

i create Json input like

{ "script" : "doc['DLV H-0'].value * 100 / doc['Total Resi'].value" }

but its not run, give me advice... Thanks before

JSON input will not work over aggregated data.

The data table now supports adding a percent column over a metric starting in 7.4.0. But I can not tell from your example if that will help. Is it possible to split the DLV* totals into separate rows in your data table?

can we add more than 1 percent column over metric? I see its only can add 1 percent column. for the split row icant cause i will use split column to split data by regional, city and partner. it can use alot of bucket right?

Can you show me how you configured your data table? Maybe with a screenshot and blur out any sensitive data.

It may be possible to add percentage columns in a table in TSVB using a Bucket Script aggregation.

Use the plugin >>Enhanced table. using this you can achieve this.

Thank you!

thnks , how to use the plugin?? sorry i am new in kibana...

use this link to download :
After downloading use below steps to install
Every release package includes a Plugin version (X.Y.Z) and a Kibana version (A.B.C).

  • Go to releases and choose the right one for your Kibana
  • launch a shell terminal and go to $KIBANA_HOME/bin folder
  • use Kibana CLI to install :
    • directly from Internet URL : $KIBANA_HOME/bin/kibana-plugin install
    • locally after manual download : $KIBANA_HOME/bin/kibana-plugin install file:///path/to/
  • restart Kibana

thnks @balaji_18

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