Kibana 8.11.1 - ClamAV Infected file ->

Hello everyone,

I'm creating this topic to report a situation where the antivirus ClamAV have identified a possible infected file on your Debian package

ClamAV report

/usr/share/kibana/node_modules/@kbn/fleet-plugin/target/bundled_packages/ Win.Tool.UACBypass-5474404-0 FOUND
traverse_rename: Failed to rename: /usr/share/kibana/node_modules/@kbn/fleet-plugin/target/bundled_packages/
	to: /var/lib/clamscan/quarantine/
Error:Invalid cross-device link
/usr/share/kibana/node_modules/@kbn/fleet-plugin/target/bundled_packages/ moved to '/var/lib/clamscan/quarantine/'

----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------
Known viruses: 8679245
Engine version: 0.103.9
Scanned directories: 33527
Scanned files: 171637
Infected files: 1
Data scanned: 10114.00 MB
Data read: 476599.20 MB (ratio 0.02:1)
Time: 2274.860 sec (37 m 54 s)
Start Date: 2023:11:24 02:00:01
End Date:   2023:11:24 02:37:56

Although we assume this is a false positive, after a quick scan on Virus Total, we can see two other vendors (Google, Varist) that also flagged the file as potentially being malicious. (Screenshot bellow)

Appreciate your insight on this topic.

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Hey @RafaelE ,

Thanks for posting! Would you mind sending an email to


Hello @azasypkin,

Email sent to as requested.

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Thank you @RafaelE !

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