Kibana Alert Index Threshold and Log Threshold Host.ip Fields

Hi Everyone, i have question regarding Kibana's Alerting feature. As we know, we could use 'Group by' to include field into the alert message. But i have trouble to include host.ip field.


Any Suggestion or workaround i can do?
PS: it's the same hostname. that's why i don't use host.hostname.

Hi @OmFJ

As you can see here host.ip field is an array. Array fields can't be used for "Group by".

Hi @Ersin_Erdal,

Thank you for replying. is there any way i can do to use the IP address ? or is it recommended if i create runtime field from mapping or index template?


Hi @OmFJ

Sure, if you have control on your index and know which ip you should use from the host.ip array, you can create new a field out of it and use for grouping.

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Hi @Ersin_Erdal

Thank you so much for the response. I will update this post once i get the result as soon as possible.
Once again, Thank you!

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