Kibana Alerting

Hello Team,

I am trying to get the Alerting to work in Kibana but i think i am missing something.

I would like to set a log alerting for specific strings from the logs.

Would that be possible?

Also is Alerting and Actions available in the free version of ELK?


Hi @Reeker,

Thank you for reaching out. The ability to alert based on string matching will be added very soon within the Logs solution and soon after that as a generic search alert option for any index. The initial 7.7 Beta release offers a generic threshold alert which works with numerical values and an array of solution-specific alert types tailored to Elastic Security and Elastic Observability and we will be extending the capabilities fast with each subsequent release. Creating and managing your alerts in the Elastic Stack is free (Basic tier). This includes alert lifecycle management and multi-tenancy with Kibana Spaces. We are also offering out-of-the-gate integrations with PagerDuty, Slack, email and webhooks. Channeling your alerts to those external integrations is on the Gold tier and this collection will expand as well.

Hello Aris,

Thank you so much for this detialed informaiton.
Can you please help me in giving me an idea of when this string matching option will be added to the ELK stack?

Thank you very much for your time. :)))))


Hi @Reeker, you are very welcome. Have you checked 7.8? Here's the logs alert just released :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2020-06-29 at 21.29.54

Does it cover your use case?

Hey Aris,

This is soooooooo awesome.

You guys are doing a fantastic job with the ELK and i don't know if you get enaugh recognition.

My boss will be pleased to see that this is implemented.

You guys are golden........

Thank you for the fast response Aris and for the help!!!!!


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