Kibana Alerts accessing fields

Hi All,

Is it possible to access specific fields within Action boxes under Alerts in Kibana.

For example, I want to alert when the field "host.status" equals down. This is easy using the Elasticsearch Query. After this query matches, I need to send an email with the various info.

I have a field called "host.url" which contains the URL of the hosts. I am struggling on how I can access and bring this field into the message text box under action.

This was previously possible with watcher so I am thinking it should be possible here.
I am running Elastic/Kibana 7.13.4, trying to migrate away from watcher.


Hi @bevano,

If you are using the Elasticsearch Query alert, you should be able to use mustache syntax to access document information inside your action. Documentation is available here: Elasticsearch query | Kibana Guide [master] | Elastic

The documents are available within the context.hits context variable, which is an array containing the matching documents. In order to access a field like host.status, try something like this:

Host URL {{}} matched!

Hope that helps!

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