Kibana Alerts and Actions on index Threshold?

I want to generate alert while condition is met. I created the alert and its action. At the time of testing its works fine. while I am running my actual file it is not generating any alert and its actions.
I am also attaching my alerts file actions. Please do help to resolve this problem.

My Actions Screen is:

Hi @padamrai,

Can you provide some additional information? You are saying that when you test the connector, your test document is successfully indexed but when you attach the connector to the alert, you are not seeing any documents indexed?

Is your alert being triggered? When you go to the Alerts and Actions UI and go to the alert details for the Submitted Time alert, what is the status? Is it Active or OK or are there no items found? If there are no items found, this means the alert conditions have never been met for this alert, so you won't see any actions run.

If your alert has been triggered before, can you view the Kibana logs to see if there are any errors during alert or action execution?

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Thanks for reply Dear @ying.mao , I resolved the issue.

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