Kibana alerts are not saved after modify them

Hi there, first of all thank you for the help.

Second, i have an issue when i try to save a new query in the section of Alerts and Actions in KIbana. I'll explain with images...

After i updated the query, and add

and monitor.status : "down"

and then press "save", Kibana is not saving my request.

Then i check the alert, to verify eveything is ok, but i notice that nothing change.

I can spend all day trying this, if there a moment that this work, but nothing happened. I need to configure some alerts.

My Elastic and KIbana Version are 7.10.1 with Elastic and KIbana cloud, in aws

Hi @Felipe_Illanes Welcome to the community, sorry you are having this issue.

I think this was bug that has been fixed

See here (funny looks like I wrote the bug, I am bvader) and fixed as part of this PR

So I think it is fixed in 7.11+