Kibana always showing unrelated fields

I am using Elastic Cloud Kibana and I am always seeing fields that are of date type, but have nothing to do with the indexed document. It is a metricbeat index and I am using the default mapping provided by metricbeat.

Any ideas? Is there any config in Kibana to disable this from the view, or am I missing something?


  • Kibana: 7.8
  • Metricbeat: 7.7.1


Hi @luminance, I'm guessing that you are seeing all of the fields in the metricbeat mapping, even ones which might be empty -- but out of curiosity, where in Kibana 7.8 did this screengrab come from? Are you looking at the individual document view in Discover?

Hey @lukeelmers , both of the views have this, the Discover and the individual document view.

Hi, all of these fields were added by the index template that Metricbeat loaded.

You can customize the fields.yml file describes the fields, and remove any that don't apply to your usage. See

HI @tsullivan, that is not the case. There are ~1000 fields defined in the metricbeat mapping template and that is ok. But only the data type fields are showed on every view.

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