Kibana Analyst Training - Lab 3.2 ERROR

I'm trying to do a bucket split row terms aggregation for the lab in the Kibana Analyst training. Here is the screen I get. It won't let me select anything from the menu.

After selecting Terms, the panel on the left hand side should update so you can select a field. The fact that it doesn't update makes me think there may be an issue with your web browser. Try disabling any script or ad blockers you may have installed. If that doesn't work, try another browser. Generally, Chrome and Firefox work best, in our experience.

Your network connection could also be the cause of the problem. Especially if you're connecting through a corporate VPN or proxy. Try another network.

If disabling blockers and switching browsers doesn't help there may be an issue with your lab environment. We can replace your lab with a new one, to see if that solves the issue, but please be aware you will lose any saved visualizations and dashboards. If you'd like to try that, please send me a direct message with your email address.

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