Kibana analyzed field warning

Aggregation on analyzed fields used to give a warning message in earlier version of Kibana (< v5) and if we proceed with it, an exception will be thrown, but with v5.4.1, it allows to aggregate on analyzed fields without a warning message and displays no result (No exception is thrown either).

Is this a bug or any additional features enabled here and I am not using it right?

hi @santhosh

maybe I misunderstand, but what kind of aggregation are you trying to run an an analyzed fields ?

Kibana will filter out the analyzed fields when trying to do a terms-aggregation on them. E.g. you can see which fields are analyzed in the index-pattern summary

For example, from the image below, I will not be able to do a terms-aggregation on relatedConent.og:type

Hi @thomasneirynck

I work in ELK for more than a year and I'm aware that aggregations can't be done on analyzed field. Recently, I was trying to aggregate a field thinking it's non-analyzed with an assumption from previous experience that I'll be warned if I do a mistake. I didn't get warned, but got an empty result, which is misleading (It made me think the query I used doesn't have any data). Later I found that was analyzed field.

What I am saying is, the warning/exception when an user trying to aggregate on analyzed field is missing which was available earlier. The question is, is this a bug?

Where in Kibana did you run that query? In Console? Or did this happen in Visualize when designing a visualization?

Ok, the problem is resolved. My bad, I was doing it without refreshing my indices after kibana upgrade. Once I refreshed, it's resolved. And I liked the way it is handled now.

PS: I run in visualize while designing a visualization.


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