Kibana and Kibana Plugins Architecture Overview Graphics

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I am working as part of my thesis on a Architecture overview of Kibana with its main components in general and the architecture view for custom plugins in particular.

Are there any architecture graphics for Kibana in the documentation or maybe intern used graphics from the Kibana developers?

This is my architecture graphic draft so far:

- I am not sure about the "server side core" part of Kibana and its communication with Elasticsearch and the "client side core" of Kibana.

- In the architecture overview of a custom Kibana Plugin I depict an custom Kibana Plugin using an Elasticsearch client in the "Plugin server" part but how would the architecture look when the custom Kibana Plugin used the "store context"(?) of Kibana?

- I am also Interested in the technical a architecture of Kibana Canvas and its Kibana Canvas Custom Elements Plugins

Since I am a student I am not very experienced in drawing architecture graphics. I would be very glad about universal feedback and recommendations about common practices.

Thank you in advance!

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Lots of developer focused documentation is contained within plugin directories. For example, the data plugin exposes interfaces for accessing Elasticsearch APIs. Those interfaces are documented at

Another good place to look is This contains a bunch of example plugins to demonstrate how to build functionality. Looking through a couple of these is a great way to learn about how Kibana works.

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