Kibana and Python

Hey guys,

So today I have received these requirements from our system admin:

Installing med.server:
1. create separate user for isolation of installation.
2. install conda ( spec distribution of python ).
3. installation & configuring of supervisor.
4. development of this med.process.
5. installing/configuring of SNMP for monitoring of med.process.
6. integration to SolarWinds.

I have no idea what any of it means. Basically, what is med.process/server??

Any idea where I can get resources to learn Python's Conda and implement it here?

I would really appreciate your assistance.

Safa Salwan

I think you will find we don't either unfortunately.

Have you asked your admin? What does this have to do with KB?

This was his explanation:

(network  ...) -(solarwinds poller)....(med. process) ...(elasticsearch db)
solarwind pollers are fetching data from network (junipers, Huawei)
med process is fetching data from solarwinds, and and inserting them to elasticsearch db
is if elastic search is installed, it is necessary to "redevelop"  this (med.process), and make views in kibana
to be be specific
solarwinds support Cisco ip sla
and there is quite good interface for it
and there are tables in db
kibana is used for juniper rpm
and huwei nqa
and for them, there are no specific tables
there is structure of undp poller tables
and that med process is fetching some specific data from them

He is using Conda/Python to develop the med.process.

any ideas?

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