Kibana and Websockets


Does kibana uses websockets?


Kibana doesn't use websockets.

And why in nginx proxies we need to set connection header as upgrade?

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I assume for switching HTTP requests to TLS. But I'm 100% sure we don't use websockets.

Actually I m not using HTTPS or TLS. I want to secure my cluster using
nginx basic authentication. It worked for around 4 to 5 days but suddenly
it stopped working. On Restart on Nginx, it started working again.

I believe its due to HTTP Connection Header? Can you suggest what kind of
connection kibana expects? Close or Keep Alive or Upgrade.

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Deepansh Garg

Kibana should work just fine with basic reverse proxy. Maybe this blog post on nginx in front of ES helps you. It should be just the same for Kibana:

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