Kibana bin folder contains large number of core files 7.2.0

Hi Team,
Getting this error in kibana startup.log
"pid":123452,"message":"You should set server.basePath along with server.rewriteBasePath. Starting in 7.0, Kibana will expect that all requests start with server.basePath rather than expecting you to rewrite the requests in your reverse proxy. Set server.rewriteBasePath to false to preserve the current behavior and silence this warning."
and also the bin folder is filled with n number core.xxxx( number ex core.123452) files.

What is the problem and how to stop generating that multiple core files in bin folder.

Gokul Raj S

Hi @Wolfram_Haussig,
Do you know the reason behind kibana core dump generation. Also, how to stop this in future.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @gora ,

Which exact Kibana version are you on? I guess you are somewhere between 6.3 and 6.8?

I don't think the warning has something to do with the core dumps but it is still something you should check and solve as this will affect an upgrade to 7.x

I am not an expert on Kibana but there are some informations on stackoverflow how to get more information from nodejs in case of a core dump: heap - Tools to analyze core dump from Node.js - Stack Overflow

Do you have any more logs( in kibana log file or in the system logs or journal)?

Best regards

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