Kibana bucket selector aggregation usage

hi all,

i am doing "serial difference" metric aggregation on a field "value"...this gives me delta(difference in values) on the value field over time...i need to drop those buckets whole value did not change i.e. its zero ...and only fitler those buckets which have value greater than zero...i am unable how to use "bucket selector" here in kibana...any help


hi @Muhammad_Faisal , this is a known limitation of Kibana. You can see the existing thread here: Support Bucket Selector Aggregation to allow filtering of Data Table visualization · Issue #11167 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

I would suggest to add your comments there. Note that there's a similar proposal for Lens as well. [Lens] Allow client-side bucket filtering of numbers by selecting the visible number range · Issue #86190 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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