Kibana build taking forever to complete

I am trying to build the Kibana locally in my CentOS VM using the yarn build command. However, it is taking too long for the build process to complete(~13 hours). I am wondering, if I am doing something wrong or is there a way to speed this build process?

Yes, running Kibana in development is slow, but it should not be as slow as you're experiencing. I wonder if something is wrong with your development environment. Could you check if git is available for the user running yarn kbn bootstrap and could you check the output of git rev-parse --git-dir ? What do the logs say ?

cc @jbudz

Thanks for responding.
Yes git is available for the user running the yarn kbn bootstrap. The output of the git rev-parse --git-dir when I ran from the kibana repo directory is:

[root@centos7 kibana]# git rev-parse --git-dir
[root@centos7 kibana]#

It should take about an hour on SSDs - longer for slower hardrives. Can you share more information on the steps that are slow?

@jbudz, sure I will try to get the logs for yarn build and let you know. Also, I am wondering if there is any system or H/W specifications/recommendations to be used for building kibana?

Increasing the system specifications and using SSD reduced the build time to ~1.5 hours. Thanks @jbudz

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