Kibana cannot search the string that input in Discover page

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Hi, everyone!
The following is my question:
Filebeat 5.5.1
Elasticsearch 5.5.1
Logstash 5.5.1
Kibana 5.5.1
OS : Linux 64bit

I use Filebeat as shipper to ship log to logstash, then output to Elasticsearch. Use Kibana as UI to search log.
But it seems that Kibana cannot search what i input in Kibana:
For example, when i search "/admin/em" in the following log sample, the string "/admin/em" cannot be found, but it exists in log indeed. So i am confused!!! The following is my log sample:

03/Aug/2017:00:26:47 -0700||GET /admin/email/markedAsRead?uuid=3211755339325447&type=2&tag= HTTP/1.1|200|-||Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:11.0) Gecko Firefox/11.0 (via GoogleImageProxy)|-||845|0.018|0.018||29917549|1|a2904ffe-29a8-471a-825c-6d03fbe745f8

The following is my logstash config:

input {
beats {
port => 5044
filter {
ruby {
code => "
tstamp = event.get('@timestamp').to_i'%Y-%m-%d')
output {
if [business] == "nginx" and [type] == "access" {
path => "/home/ec2-user/realtime_log/nginx/nginx-access.%{date_str}"
codec => line { format => "%{message}" }
elasticsearch {
action => "index"
hosts => ""
index => "nginx-access-%{date_str}"

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Can you post a screenshot of Discover when you are searching for the field? Also, what type of field are you searching on? Is it analyzed?

One thing I can think of is if you are using an analyzed query on a non-analyzed field, the analyzed query would drop the "/"s but the non-analyzed field would retain them.

Or it's something much simpler like your time range is not encompassing your data span. Hence some screenshots would be helpful. Thanks!

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