Kibana changes require logout login to be visible

I am not using Kibana Spaces (yet).
I am using Kibana version 7.4.2.
I am logged as user:admin.
My collaborator is logged in as user:kibana5.
When I make changes to the dashboard that we are working on together, she only sees my changes if she logs out and then logs in again.
Neither a reload, or SHIFT-reload shows her my new changes.
Is this a known issue?
Is there any easy workaround?

We are sharing the same kibana server.
No load balancer, no proxy.


So Kibana stores a lot of things in the URL. If you ask your colleague to close the dashboard and reopen it - she will be able to see the changes.

I don't have the refresh as a work around here. Sorry!


Thank you for your reply.
I will see if that suggestion helps and report back.
It may take a few days given the training sessions that many of my colleagues are currently in the midst of.

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