Kibana cluster with nginx not working

Hi bro and sis,

I would need to set kibana cluster. Is there any idea how can it be done. A single kibana no issue. But cluster after login i hitting 401 error. I not sure why exactly. I point both kibana to same yaml file. If i access individually no issue. but via nginx having issue.

Hi @selin

If both Kibana instances are using the same .yml file, then that is probably what is causing your issues.

Here is a guide of some steps you will need to take when load balancing across multiple instances [Load Balancing Kibana]

Let me know if that solves your issues.

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hi i saw this but really not sure how can use this in my docker-compose. what is server.uid how it is being configured? where i need use the server uid and name? i using nginx. if need my nginx code i can share. each container hve unique name. i am amble to use both kibana seperately since both using different prot. but when i use nginx, after login hitting 401 error

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