Kibana crashing during Machine Learning Data Visualizer Import Exercise

I was trying to go through one of the Elastic tutorials, (Aftershock Therapy with Elasticsearch and CSV Data Import), and Kibana kept crashing on me. By crashing I mean the webpage went blank except for displaying the "oops something went wrong" message in Chrome. This occurred after I went through the Machine Learning --> Data Visualizer --> Import steps. After some troubleshooting I realized that my CSV had about 90,000 rows in one column with commas that shouldnt have been there and just randomly started on the csv about 1/4 of the way down. Strange for sure. After removal of the commas the Import function worked as intended. I was unable to find anything in the Kibana or ES logs but with a little guidance, I may be able to sift through them a little better if theres something specific that I should be looking for. As I went through them nothing stood out but its possible that I just looked right past it.

So the solution is here, at least in this case, to check the csv data that your importing.

Hello Ryan,

Thanks for the heads up! Was this your own CSV or one of the ones available for download? Offhand I'm not seeing any issues with the downloadable ones but feel free to correct me!

Also, this functionality is still fairly new so thanks for your patience here!


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No worries man, just putting out the issue in case someone else comes across this. I think this issue is primarily user error but the user error does crash the UI in Chrome. I downloaded the data from the link in the tutorial and deleted some of the data as the directions state. At some point a significant amount of commas got added to the loc field that was created that I was unaware of. If I took a guess it was after I created the loc field (row 1) and turned the loc column into "latitude,longitude" with cells from =B2&","&C2. So a single comma that started in a random row like 10459 to the end at row 1048576 got created. This poor formatting due to user error seems to be the culprit of the crash as it did not occur after I removed the commas. I can provide logs, even if theyre not Kibana or ES based, if you can point me in the right direction. I see that Chrome has a chrome://crashes but I can only send the links to Google it seems which isn't useful to you unless you know someone at Google that gets these lol.


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