Kibana Crashing when plotting scripted fields

Hi, I'm running ELK 6.2 stack; I'm pretty new to ELK and am trying to setup a very straight-forward scripted field to subtract 2 values.

Field Name: delta
Field lang: painless
if (!doc['bidpx'].empty && !doc['askpx'].empty) { return doc['askpx'].value - doc['bidpx'].value; } return 0;

The script is working correctly and I am able to see the correct output in the Discover tab; I'm also able to build visualizations on it for the most past. But when some of the visualization update (either in Visualization tab or in a Dashboard) kibana crashes with a weird message.

Fatal Error
TypeError: d.split(...)[1] is undefined (

Version: 6.2.2
Build: 16588

Error: TypeError: d.split(...)[1] is undefined (http://localhost:8884/bundles/vendors.bundle.js?v=16588:12)

I have checked and I don't see any error messages on stdout/stderr for Elasticsearch or Kibana. Any help would be greatly appreciated since if I'm unable to resolve this then will need to adjust workflow and add new fields to the document.

This certainly sounds like a bug somewhere in the code. Looks like the Kibana is expecting a string, but is getting undefined for some reason.

I encourage you to open a bug report on the Kibana issue tracker so that someone can look into it.

Thanks Joe, I have created an issue

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